Why Your Skin Should “Eat” Paleo Too. (Paleo Skin Care)

paleo skin care

Your skin, especially if you’re a lover of makeup and perfume, comes into contact with an average of 500 chemicals in a SINGLE DAY. 

And because your skin is the largest organ in your body, it absorbs every single one of those chemicals.

How’s that for scary?

I’m not here to scare you, but it is something to deeply consider. If you eat Paleo, then you understand the importance of eating nutritiously dense foods and the impact that an inflammatory food could have on your digestive system. But what you may not have thought of is the importance to feed your skin the right nutrients too. After you read all about minerals and the deficiencies they cause, make sure you check out my page on True Love Skincare and how to easily rid chemicals from your skincare regimen AND nourish your skin as described below).

For example, did you know that your skin is made of minerals, and it needs minerals to regenerate?

The mineral sulfur is one of the major minerals in your skin and is responsible for helping shed old excess skin, which helps keep your skin fresh and prohibits the growth of bad bacteria. It also promotes the strengthening of skin, which can reduce the onset of wrinkles. Most people are deficient in sulfur, and a deficiency may lead to skin problems such as acne or rashes. In the past (before prescription creams), dermatologists would recommended using sulfur topically to help not only acne, but dermatitis, eczema, and roseacea.

The second most important mineral to skin health is magnesium. You probably already know how important magnesium is for internal body functions, but did you know it improves skin hydration, reducing inflammation and skin roughness, and improving the skin barrier. (Sounds too good to be true? See this study.) Magnesium in involved in over 300 functions in the body, so chances are putting it on your skin isn’t just going to help your skin, but all the cells in your body. And most adults are deficient in this mineral, so it’s no wonder that we see so many skin problems!

Other minerals that are important to your skin include silica and copper.

So how do you bring these nutrients to your skin? 

Well, some people take internal mineral supplements, which is great, but most bodies aren’t made to absorb the minerals in such large quantities, or without the help of another supplement.

No, truly the best way to absorb these minerals is through your skin. Now, I’m sure there are loads of products out there, but the best supplemental products I’ve found come from True Love Skincare, and the best is their Sun-kissed Facial because the four step process contains all of the minerals and herbs your skin needs to regenerate and look better than ever.

true love skincare

Here’s why I love their products:

  • No chemicals. No alcohol. No crap ingredients.
  • Company philosophy focuses on improving skin health.
  • Only minerals, herbs, essential oils, and natural ingredients used in products.
  • Each product is good for multiple skin types.
  • 60 day return guarantee for any reason.
  • The results! Baby diaper rashes gone in 24 hours, skin glowing, soft hands, no more rough patches.

You skin NEEDS MINERALS! And the great herbs and oils that True Love Skincare has partnered with greatly enhance the absorption while adding additional nutrition.

If you’re interested in learning more about True Love Skincare, you can visit www.trueloveskincare.com/Anne or visit my page where I talk exclusively about their philosophies and products.