About Anne

Hi! I’m so glad you dropped by for a visit. Stay and have a cup of chamomile tea while you’re here! I’m in no hurry…well, in reality, I am. I’m a university professor by day (and nights sometimes) and I do freelance work on the side. I blog because I love it…and because people keep asking me what I can eat. I get that a lot. Plus, when I blog, my husband can find the recipes he loves (the ones I “only cook once”) and make dinner. Because he is awesome like that.

I’m a mom of one little busy guy. And did I mention that he’s busy? I want to homeschool (at least part-time) and I’m  starting preschool this summer with him (because I don’t have school, so he can!). Maybe I’ll post about that someday.

I hope that this blog helps you understand “clean living” just a little more than you do now. We eat a paleo diet for the most part (no grains, no sugars), but I am trying to incorporate more vegan recipes as I go along. This all started when I married a man who had both gluten and dairy intolerances, and then I realized that grain made my brain do funny things (like anxiety, panic attacks, depression). Neither of us have been cured, but at least we have some yummy, clean, and unprocessed things to eat!

Not sure where to start? I highly recommend my awesome paleo chocolate chip cookie recipe.

See you later!