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I often have friends ask me how to make healthy cooking a faster process. I’ve asked myself the same question time and time again. In fact, this last year I found some great products to help me speed up my prep time! One of these is the Zentai Spiralizer (which is on super sale right now). One of my husband’s friends sent us this product (for free!) to help boost the amount of reviews they have on amazon. Let me tell you that shredding vegetables for meals takes a lot of time if I’m just using a peeler, which is not something I’m happy about, trust me! But this spiralizer really cuts down the time on shredding, and at the same time, creates a more culinary look for my dishes!
Also, using a peeler or a knife to shred really make me afraid I’m going to cut myself. But not so with the mighty Zentai (is this sounding too much like a commercial? I seriously love this thing). My fingers are far away from the shredding blades.

DSC_0854 (2)

It is small, but mighty.

So here’s how it works: take your vegetable of choice (I chose a carrot for my Sesame Honey-Mustard Salad), wash and peel it, and then chose which blade you’d like to use (each side of the hourglass has a different blade). The Zentai Life Spiralizer has two blades: one for spiralizing (best for noodles) and another flat-blade for long peels (awesome for salads). After you’ve chosen which blade you want to use, place the thinner side of the vegetable into the cup next to the blade. Hold the thicker end firmly in one hand while holding the metal sides of the hourglass with your other hand. You can begin rotating the thicker end across the blade (inside of the cup). Continue rotating until you can no longer grasp the vegetable, then use the handy gripping lid to continue. You may end up with a little stub of a vegetable, but I always like snacking before I eat, so it all works out.
And that’s pretty much it. It’s so easy to use! When you’ve twirled so far that you can’t grip it any further, use the handy dandy spiky lid to help you out. I didn’t get a picture of this part, but it seriously does work.
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  • So I was totally looking at these on e-bay not too long ago and almost ordered one! How funny is that?! I didn’t buy it because I was not sure how well it worked, or if I would use it enough to justify spending the money (or storage space). Love you!

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