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  • Woman Tea and El Gato Malo

    Woman Tea and El Gato Malo

    (Disclaimer: This post contains sponsored or affiliate content that compensates me for writing a review. I’ll always be honest with you but click here for more info on what sponsored content means.) I have a huge secret to tell you. But first, you might need to sit down. Let me begin with a story. I […]

  • Paleo AIP Tigernut Milk

    Paleo AIP Tigernut Milk

    (Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Read more about them here.) Coconut milk is my usual cooking liquid of choice now that I’m on AIP. But I’m not entirely in love with the taste, which can be a very strong, and sweet, taste when put in savory dishes. This doesn’t bode too well for […]

  • Crio Bru: Paleo Hot Cocoa

    (This post contains affiliate links that may compensate me.) When I first went dairy-free, I hated it. I didn’t really drink milk before I quit dairy, but I missed ice cream, cheese, and hot chocolate. I tried for a couple of weeks (near Christmas-time) to create the perfect hot chocolate using homemade raw almond milk, […]