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  • Paleo Chocolate Almond Bark

    Paleo Chocolate Almond Bark

    Chocolate. Who doesn’t want chocolate? Well, I know a handful of friends who are allergic to chocolate, and most who follow an AIP diet react to it as well. So I’ll excuse ya’ll and give you an alternative dessert (my AIP┬ápeach cobbler). As for the rest of us, let’s talk about homemade, Paleo chocolate. It […]

  • Crio Bru: Paleo Hot Cocoa

    (This post contains affiliate links that may compensate me.) When I first went dairy-free, I hated it. I didn’t really drink milk before I quit dairy, but I missed ice cream, cheese, and hot chocolate. I tried for a couple of weeks (near Christmas-time) to create the perfect hot chocolate using homemade raw almond milk, […]

  • Coconut Almond Trail Mix

    If you love Almond Joy candy bars, you’re going to love this trail mix I came up with this morning! There are three simple ingredients: raw almonds, wide slice coconut flakes, and dark chocolate chips. So easy!  My husband and I were shopping last night and found wide sliced coconut (which was relatively inexpensive!). I […]