Using Groupon Coupons to Save Money on Healthy Food

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I’ve struggled for years to save money on healthy food, because, while it isn’t that much more expensive, I never got coupons in the mail for $0.50 off lettuce! It’s a laugh when I think about it, but I really truly wish there were more coupons to help buy healthy food.  Last week I gave you some advice on saving money while eating healthy, and I’m back this week to help you find more ways to save! Occasionally I’ll find something that helps (like Ibotta where you scan your receipts from the week and you can actually get $0.25 off your bananas, eggs, onions, etc. for the week) but for the most part I budget, cook from home, and plan like crazy.

I’ve used Groupon to buy deals at museums and historical tours, like the San Juan Capistrano Mission (where I was able to snag a two-for-one deal!). It made vacation so much more enjoyable to know that I saved a little money. Plus, we still can’t stop talking about how amazing the mission was. This picture is of my little family just a few months after my son was born. (First, hottie husband. Second, baby crying. Third, the year I tried bangs again but the stylist kind of wrecked them. All in all a great trip.)

Groupon Coupons

I just found out this week that Groupon doesn’t just sell museum deals, it also sells coupons! I can’t tell you how exciting that is. And their page Groupon Coupons actually has some pretty sweet deals that you can apply to healthy food, which is surprising! Basically, Groupon lists coupons for you, or lets you know where to find coupons around the internet.

Save Money with Groupon Coupons

First, I found some Amazon coupons where you get free shipping on Pantry items, 50% off coupons, even $10 off your first Amazon Prime order) or coupons for chemical-free cleaning items like Meyer’s. I even found a $4 off Larabar coupon (which are “cookies” in our house, consumed at a rate of 3 a day). You have to do a little digging, but the deals for clean eating and clean products are definitely there. I would focus more on finding deals that are off your entire order, or for signing up. Those will be easier to find than specific brands.

There are also great coupon deals for Walmart and Target (where healthy, Paleo food is beginning to make its entrance).  Even Whole Foods has a store page reserved with Groupon Coupons, but there aren’t any coupons available at the moment. You can, however, subscribe to email alerts when coupons do show up, or follow Groupon Coupons on Facebook or Twitter for alerts.

If you’re not into the deals they have for food items, you can look at ways to save money somewhere else in your budget, like clothes for instance. I’ve seen some great coupons for Kohl’s and Carter’s (because kids clothes are expensive!). I have found more coupon deals in departments other than food, so it might help to be a bit flexible with your spending.

If you find any more great deals, let me know in the comments below!



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