Need a Pep Talk? Paleo Pep Talk Cards to the Rescue!

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I don’t know about you, but every once in a while I need a pep talk when it comes to eating right.

I mean, I do pretty well on my own, and my husband is a huge support, but I just don’t have a lot of friends that are as crazy insane into Paleo as I am.

And it’s a bit of a bummer.

I do have one friend who understands, and even made me homemade ghee (squeee!). She gets it. She gets how sucky it is when you’re staring down a doughnut and trying to get back into the Paleo mindset.

It’s the pits.

I need a support team when eating this way (which is for the rest of my life). And sometimes that support team comes in the form of a little box filled with beautiful cards that tell me exactly what I needed to hear, or remind me of how I feel about eating Paleo. And today I’m doing a giveaway for these boxed cards over on my instagram. Not interested in a giveaway? That’s okay. Because I’ve got an exclusive coupon code just for you for 20% off your purchase!

paleo pep talk cards

Like how I wake up for the bacon. I love bacon. I especially love Paleo bacon (without sugar). I just don’t get why it’s so good, and how this little card could remind me of how much I love waking up to bacon in the morning.

I just want to put these Paleo Pep Talk cards all over my house. They are too beautiful to just sit in a box.

My favorite part though is that these cards don’t just have pretty sayings on the front. They have an actual convincing pep talk and pro tips on the back of each card.

paleo pep talk cards

Talk about bang for your buck with a double pep talk!

I’m putting some up on my mirror, pinning them to my jewelry board, and using a magnet to keep them close to all of my Paleo food in the fridge. Not to mention leaving one in the visor of my car because these are just too cute and too helpful to not have everywhere in my house.

Paleo Pep Talk? No problem. I’m getting a pep talk when I open my wallet to buy my Paleo food.

paleo pep talk cards

Or while I sip my tea.

Regardless of where you’re going to use your Paleo Pep Talk cards, you’ve got to check them out here.

Just head over to and enter the code PALEOPARTY at check out.


paleo pep talk