How to a Open a Young Thai Coconut

My husband and I use so many Young Thai coconuts in our recipes that I just have to clue you in on what they are, and how you get them open! We make puddings, coconut milk for curry, and sometimes even a pie!

Young Thai coconuts are Nature’s marvels. Low in fat, unlike their mature brown counterparts, they are also low in calories! One young coconut has an average of 140 calories for the meat compared to 1400 calories in one mature coconut! Young Thai coconuts also contain coconut water–which is an amazing re-hydration drink full of electrolytes and iron. Young Thai coconuts are also an amazing source of manganese, potassium, and calcium!

Young Thai coconuts are also a whole lot easier to crack open than their mature versions! 

First, you need to saw off the soft exterior shell as shown above. We usually use a serrated bread knife for this! Next you will need to use the sharp heel of a chef’s knife and hack away at a couple of spots until you can lift the interior shell like a lid. 
Congratulations! The hard part is over! Next, empty the coconut water into a glass. NOTE: Coconut water that is clear to dark yellow comes from a ripe, healthy coconut. Water that is pink to deep purple comes from a SPOILED coconut and the entire coconut should be discarded. 
After emptying the coconut water, you can begin scraping the soft meat out of the coconut. 
If you are going to use the meat for pudding, I find it helpful to measure out while I’m scraping. 
Tada! Your coconut should look like this:

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