Eating Out?

So I have to admit that we don’t always eat organic produce and cook everything from scratch. That would be insane and I would probably go mental. We definitely eat at least 80/20. Eighty percent clean, twenty percent….well…not as clean.
Where do you eat when you are trying to eat clean?
There are lots of choices, actually! And some of them might surprise you. My husband and I try to support local, health conscious restaurants when we eat out. We dig into the menu and try to pick the best choice we can–which is sometimes a salad, sometimes a gluten-free pizza, and sometimes a protein-style burger from Inn-N-Out. Like we did tonight. 

Inn-N-Out has some fantastic policies. First of all, their produce is fresher than any I’ve ever tasted at a fast food restaurant. Second, they offer protein-style hamburgers (fantastic for my hubby who can’t have gluten) which I have come to love more than their sponge-dough buns! Last, I eat at Inn-N-Out mostly because of their anti-animal cruelty policies. They send out their own inspectors to cattle ranches and slaughterhouses to make sure the animals are treated humanely. Back in 2012, one of their meat suppliers was accused (and found guilty) of animal cruelty. So Inn-N-Out severed ties with the supplier, because they weren’t keeping their end of the contract–which included abiding by rules for the humane treatment of cattle.

Now, is their meat hormone/antibiotic free? Probably not. Are their cows free-range or certified humanely raised? Nope. But their company is trying to be more conscious of this issue and they don’t turn a blind eye to inhumane treatment. So I give them my business because I believe that my support will help promote their current practices.

Just do your best to make the best choices possible. That’s all you can do.

Here’s how we order our protein style hamburgers:

Inn-N-Out Guy: Hi, how are you today?
My husband: Great! How are you?
Inn-N-Out Guy: Doing good.
My husband: *silent expectation*
Inn-N-Out Guy: *silent waiting for customer to order*
My husband: *still silent*
Inn-N-Out Guy: Umm…would you like to order?
My husband: Yes! We have a complicated order for you today.
Inn-N-Out Guy: Okay, go right ahead.
My husband: I would like to get a double-meat burger, no spread, grilled onions, double lettuce, double tomato protein style hamburger.
Inn-N-Out Guy: All right, did you say grilled onions with that?
My husband: Yep.
Inn-N-Out Guy: Okay, is there anything else I can get you?
My husband: Yes. I’d like another burger just like that but with regular onions (This is my fault, I like the crispy strong onion taste. )
Inn-N-Out Guy: Protein style on that one too?
My husband: Yes.
Inn-N-Out Guy: Okay. Anything else?
My husband: And two orders of your cancer sticks.
ME: FRIES! He means fries!
Inn-N-Out Guy: Haha. Okay. Anything else?
My husband: Oh and some mustard packets. Thanks!

Someday I’ll video the whole experience and put it up here. It never goes smoothly (except tonight!!!) so expect it to be awkward. But we think we’ve figured out their computer system and now have our ordering in exactly the same order that they input it. That should help.

And don’t judge me because I eat cancer sti….fries. Hey, I get twenty percent, right?