Eating Out? Part 2

While my husband and I try to make clean food choices while eating at chain restaurants (which by-the-way, have you ever tried the salads at California Pizza Kitchen? They are to die for), we also have found some specialty restaurants that really excel in the healthy, delicious food category. 
Like Mountain West Burrito. 
Which is so delicious that we devour it. 
One of the reasons why we like Mountain West Burrito is because they have a variety of options for everyone. There are meaty burritos, vegetarian burritos, as well as salads, nachos, and guacamole. And all of their produce is ORGANIC. We’re talking organic veggies, tomatoes (which the Supreme Court ruled in 1893 to be a vegetable), beans, rice, etc. And then their meat is pasture raised, grass-fed. Their prices are ridiculously low for having such high quality food. 
In fact, the first meat I ate after being vegetarian was at Mountain West Burrito. I made the decision to  eat humanely raised meat, or at the very least meat from animals that were never fed antibiotics or hormones. Making this change has great and I notice the difference in quality of meat too! Grass-fed, pasture raised meat tastes less fatty and more savory. 
There are always great options out there for clean eating. You just need to look around and try new things!

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